Our Story

Making a building can be very easy.

Zero Damage was founded in 2016 by architect Wilfredo Mendez and engineer Esmeralda Niño with the aim of simplifying the assembly of new buildings. The need for doing this was determined by the founders after noticing that clients are economically penalized by the excruciatingly hard process of designing, making and developing a new building under the standard model with current techniques. Zero Damage was then founded upon new building technology that simplifies the assembly of code compliant habitable structures so much that the intrinsic costs of design and construction are consequently reduced.

Our Mission

Create dramatically affordable buildings.

At Zero Damage we target both the building technology and the business model of the construction industry to optimize material, labor and production costs.

Prefab Building Kits

Zero Damage aims for the efficiency and sustainability of the building process. Hence, we adopted a modular architecture philosophy in complementation with serial production. Our team designs and manufactures modular kits made of steel standard components, wooden parts and other prefabricated building components. Using Zero Damage’s patented building technology, these kits can be easily assembled onsite without the necessity of heavy machinery nor highly-skilled labor.
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Frames Installed
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Why choose ours steel frames?

a few reasons

It's Easy!

Connections doesn't require rivets, screws nor welding and can be done by untrained labor


Straight forward, interlocked assembly.


Easily add more steel elements or upgrade the existing steel frame without uninstalling anything


Several components of the Interjoint connectors are manufactured from 100% recycled metal


Easily achieve clean, beautiful, contemporary designs

The Leadership Team


Wilfredo Mendez

President and Head of Product Design

Wilfredo is a co-founder and President of Zero Damage. Prior to founding Zero Damage, Wilfredo was the project architect of JS Engineering and architect in training at Fuster+Architects. He is the first named inventor of the Structural Steel Plug for Bi-Axial Moment Connections and he was the technical lead and principal investigator of the National Science Foundation I-CORPS entrepreneurial research project Autonomous Seismic-Controlling System (2018).


Esmeralda Niño

VP of Manufacturing Operations

Esmeralda is a co-founder and the VP of Manufacturing Operations at Zero Damage. She was a manufacturing engineer at General Electric Edesa in Mexico. Esmeralda is the co-inventor of the Structural Plug for Bi-Axial Moment Connections and she was the entrepreneurial lead of the National Science Foundation I-CORPS project Autonomous Seismic-Controlling System (2018). Presently, she also teaches at the Monterrey Institute of Technology.