Zero Damage’sBuildingSystems

Our building systems are prefabricated in Puerto Rico to be flat-packed, shipped and easily assembled in hours. The building kits are manufactured as interlocking components to simplify the onsite overall assembly. 


The prefab interlocking components take advantage of our patented Interjoint technology (US 11,230,838 B1) and can be arranged in different layouts to easily create diverse architectural designs and floorplans to suit our customer’s most demanding needs.

BuildingsThat AreProducts

We sell our building kits as if they were any other product you can buy online. That means that our customers pay a fixed price for our building systems that they know from the start.


Our building systems are mainly manufactured with structural steel, light gauge galvanized steel, treated lumber, impact-resistant glass, and fire-resistant gypsum board. The kits of housing units are designed specifically to improve environmental resilience while reducing maintenance.

Why choose ours steel frames?

a few reasons

It's Easy!

Connections doesn't require rivets, screws nor welding and can be done by untrained labor


Straight forward, interlocked assembly.


Easily add more steel elements or upgrade the existing steel frame without uninstalling anything


Several components of the Interjoint connectors are manufactured from 100% recycled metal


Easily achieve clean, beautiful, contemporary designs