Casa Culebra


We know how you can own the perfect vacation rental or guest residence. Our BOIO building kit is a prefab Tiny Home architecturally designed for taking advantage of the views surrounding your own plot of land. This kit can be easily assembled and allows you to get an affordable vacation property in days.

You can choose how to pay!

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    Length: 19’5″ | Width: 9′-9″ |Height: 19′-2″ 


    • Assembled prefab module
    • Steel structure (BK floor beams and galv. frames)
    • WR drywall interior partitions painted white
    • Fiberglass R-11 walls and roof thermal insulation
    • Treated plywood exterior panels w/ polyurethane finish
    • Security doors & windows w/ laminated glass
    • Laminated fixed glass panel in kitchen
    • French door (1) and kitchen door w/ laminated glass
    • Kitchen equipment (refrigerator, stove, sink & PVC cabinet)
    • Vinyl floor finish
    • Electrical & Plumbing infrastructure
    • HVAC electrical infrastructure
    • Decorative electric and lighting fixtures
    • Interior barn door
    • Bathroom equipment (toilet, sink, shower, glass curtain)
    • Front deck (treated lumber finish)
    • Front pergola
    • Exterior black paint (noncorrosive C-4 category)
    • Exterior galv. stair / ladder
    • Balcony w/ synthetic grass layer
    • Pre-certified blueprints

    Note: (1) All other features that are not mentioned above are not included with the model. (2) Casa Culebra standard model includes a front deck and pergola that can be considered optional.


    Black, Gray, White


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